Welcome to Dayton Emergency Veterinary

Welcome to Dayton Emergency Veterinary

There is no way to predict when, where, or how your pet will be in need of the attention of a professional Dayton emergency vet. We are here to provide you the reassurance you need that every possible thing will be done to treat your pet and improve its condition.

Our Dayton emergency veterinary center is trusted by pet owners throughout the region because of our full and passionate commitment to providing the highest standards of medical care for all our patients.

* Our Dayton emergency veterinary center has years of experience in veterinary care and treatment, thus allowing us to take immediate and effective action during medical emergencies.

* We employ only the most skilled and courteous of professionals. They understand what you are going through and will always respond to your inquiries and concerns. They are devoted to safeguarding and improving their patients’ health and wellness.

* Our Dayton emergency veterinary center is equipped with all the necessary and latest medical equipment for treating your pet.

* We always have an on-call Dayton emergency vet ready to leave for emergencies and provide medical services on-site.

Discount Coupons for Dayton Emergency Veterinary Care

Regular checkups are not to be missed if you want the best for your pet. If the only thing that is stopping you is the seemingly expensive fees your Dayton emergency vet is charging then visit our service center and we will be glad to provide you with discounted rates as well as other affordable services.

Dayton emergency veterinary service is here to help! Call us today and we can also provide you a free quote for your pet’s medical needs.


Dayton Emergency Vet




No Appointments Necessary!

Even though we have a regular flow of clients and pets coming in and out of our service center and receiving medical care, we make it a point to always have an on-duty Dayton emergency veterinarian who would be ready to offer assistance in cases of walk-ins and emergencies. It’s always best to call in advance, but rest assured that even without it you will be our first priority!

We Do Not Turn Anyone or Any Creature Away!

If there is something about your pet that you are anxious about, we encourage you to contact or visit us immediately. No concern is too small or unworthy of the attention of a Dayton emergency vet who is truly passionate about his vocation, and that’s how all our veterinarians feel about their calling.

It does not matter what breed or species your pet is. We will do our best to provide the care and attention your pet needs. We know how precious the bond is between human owners and their pets, and we have made it our mission to make that cherished bond last for more and more years to come.

Give your pet a longer and better quality of life and visit our Dayton Emergency Veterinary Center today.

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